söndag, november 01, 2009

Fler nyheter från Brother Jack i Betlehem

Dear Friends

Your support is TREMENDOUS -- and deeply appreicated.

I've tried my best to write back and acknowledge each of you individually -
but it is simply not possible - and that is a good sing of great support! Thanks
so much because what you are supporting is the sacred nature of the life of a
real human being - Berlanty Azzam - a young woman who for some reason, God has
entrusted to us at Bethlehem University.

And for her - and each and every student - it is a sacred trust / covenant
we undertake when we engage in the teaching and learning process - for it is
about both touching hearts and enlightening minds.

Thank you for being a vital part of this sacred covenant of teaching
and learning here in this most special place -- Bethlehem University.

I last spoke with Berlanty on Friday afternoon - and with her father also.
To be honest with you, her voice did not come across as strong as it had the day
before - and as it had four days ago when she was in my office. I guess
that is to be understood, given the traumatic events she has been subjexted to,
being blindfolded and hancuffedd and brought in the night from Bethlehem to Gaza
in such a terrible way.

And all for what, because she was born in Gaza City and moved to Bethlehem
in 2005 to study at Bethlehem University.
She is not accused of any crime or
any security infractions whatsoever!

Before I ended the phone call on Friday afternoon, Berlanty said over and
over again .. "Brother, thank you so much .. .really I want to thnak youu and
all of the friends of the university who are helping me and praying for me ...
really I don't know what to say but 'thank you' ..."

It is not over yet --